Designing a monument

It’s important to commemorate the life of a loved one. When designing and buying a monument or memorial, we can help you through the design process.

The monument design process at is simple. You’ll choose your monument style, shape, size, color, design, and text. We will manufacture the monument and ship it to you. Designing a monument and purchasing a monument are personal things, so we are ready to help.

When choosing a monument style, you’ll select either single or companion. A single monument is for one person, while a companion is for two people. After this, you’ll select which primary monument shape you would like. This could include a flat, bevel, slant, upright, or laser flat. A flat monument lies flat on the ground. A bevel is slightly raised from the back of the monument. A slant is slanted back from the face of the monument, while an upright has a base with a die on top of it. A laser flat is black granite which is laser engraved with a picture perfect design.

Next, you’ll choose the size of the monument you are designing. You may need something small, medium, or large, depending on your preference and the cemetery in which the monument is going. The monument size could be a 24x12x4 inch flat, up to a 42 inch or larger upright.

In addition to the size of the monument, you’ll choose the color. Some of the more popular monument colors include Sterling Gray, Morning Rose, and India Black, but you might also want Mahogany, Bahama Blue, or something else. We are happy to work with you to find the perfect monument to meet your needs.

After you’ve chosen the monument style, shape, size, and color, you’ll then add your design and text onto the monument. Finding a design that works best is important. Sometimes flowers, religious symbols, civic images, or military designs work best, while some monuments will have outdoors or sports designs. We’ve added a large number of monument designs so that you can find something that is ideal for your memorial.

When you’re finished designing your monument, you can buy it through Anytime you have questions, please call us at 254-653-2363 or email info(at) We are happy to help you through the process of designing and buying a monument for a loved one. Your design. Our craftsmanship.