Monument Types and Styles

We know it’s important to commemorate and celebrate the life of a loved one. There are a wide variety of monuments and memorials available. For those not in the industry, this article will make you familiar with the basics of a monument.

Monuments are made of granite because of the strength and longevity of granite. A monument can be created in a wide variety of types, styles, shapes, and colors, with an infinite variety of design.

The main monument types you’ll find are flats, bevels, slants, and uprights. A flat monument lies flat on the ground. A bevel also lies flat on the ground, but is slightly raised from the back of the monument. A slant and an upright both sit up straight. A slant has a face slanted back from the viewer, and looks like a triangle from the side. An upright has a base with the die sitting straight up on the base.

Monuments also come in a variety of colors, with the most common being gray, black, and red (or pink). At Sterling Monument, we call these colors Sterling Gray, India Black, and Morning Rose. There are plenty of other monument colors, including Bahama Blue, Mahogany, Blue Pearl, Paradiso, and dozens of others. Additional monument colors might include Sunset Red, Rainbow, Royal Emerald, Georgia Gray, and each color may even have a different name to people in the industry.

Custom monuments can also be created in almost any shape imaginable, from hearts, crosses, and angels, to dolphins and teddy bears, and anything in between, although custom shapes can substantially increase the cost of a monument.

You can use our custom design program to get a realistic look of what you would like on your monument. You can choose a single or companion monument, select the monument type of flat, bevel, slant, or upright, as well as the color and design you would like.

Monuments and memorials can be created for friends, family members, pets, and any loved one. We would love the chance to help you design the perfect monument for you. We manufacture the monuments here in the United States in our Eastland, TX facility and will ship to anywhere in the continental United States.

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